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Farid Huseynov: Shahriyar is already considered from Shamkir CHESS 2016
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Farid Huseynov: Shahriyar is already considered from Shamkir

Chairman of the Organizing Committee, director of tournament  of ShamkirChess2017  tournament  Dedicated to the memory of Vugar Hashimov gave interview to the official website of tournament.

-V round ended in the tournament dedicated to the memory of Vugar Hashimov. It would be interesting to know your opinion about the first rounds.

-Interest in Shamkir Chess Tournament 2017 is more  than we expected.  Reading the series of articles about tournament in Russia and Ukraine  media alongside with our country surprised us in a good way. There were not a lot of unexpected results in the first round. Wesley So did not start so well for the tournament . But his game was at a high level with Vladimir Kramnik. In general, representative of US is very strong player.Approaching every game professionally confirms his worth for second place in FIDE rating . It is difficult to make predictions about the ending of the tournament  where chess players as Veselin Topalov, Karjakin compete. Speaking of our chess players, Shahriyar Mammadyarov’s being leader pleases us.Our  hopes for him are endless.Teimour Radjabov played with the black pieces in the first two rounds. Even if he was defeated at the start he is trying to pull himself together in a short time. I believe that after the weekend  Radjabov will play better.

-Mammadyarov won twice with black pieces. I think Shamkir is lucky  place for him.

- No one has forgotten the tournament held last year. Although Shahriyar started the game badly at the end he showed that he was stronger than all his opponents with incredible determination from all the competitors. We still have not forgotten the tie-break match  with Fabiano Caruana. Shahriyar’s victory  increased the number of his admirers in Shamkir. Earlier, Mammadyarov said that he couldn’t  play in the competition in Azerbaijan. However, caused a change in Shamkir. But Shamkir has caused a change in the positive sense. I think Mammadyarov feels himself at home  in Shamkir.. There is great respect for him here. Majority already considers him from Shamkir.

-Also this year there is high hopes to Shahriyar.

-It is early to talk about ending although he was leader after V round. With  little patience last 4 rounds can be completed with a more unexpected results. In VI round there will be a difficult duel with Kramnik. It is twice as difficult to defend the title for winners. In this sense, It is not easy for  Shahriyar..

- Head of Executive Power of Shamkir Alimpasha Mammadov offered to be  honorary citizen of the city to Russian world champion Vladimir Kramnik. We would like to know the Kramnik’s answer to this question.

-In the first day of competition, Vladimir Kramnik Said that he  responded positively to this proposal.  Russian world champion  already participates for the second time in the tournament. He also said that he was met with great hospitality here.  We believe that Kramnik will often come to city after being a honorary citizen of the Shamkir.

- Do there happen any problems During the competition about  the organization?

-If there is problem it is solved in a short time. For helding tournament at the high level ,necessary work is being done.S ynergy Group always tried to support our country’s sport. Here there is also  the name of talented  Vugar Gashimov. We have organized the competition worthy of his memory. We try to continue well in the future.

-Chess players who are at high level in FIDE rating participate in the tournament. It is interesting  what kind whims do they have?

 - Believe me, there’re no whims. Most of the issues are confirmed in advance.Participants are not only the top-rated chess players but also wonderful people. We have not seen any whims during the tournament. On the Contrary, their interest towards Shamkir pleased us. For example, Wesley So has come to competition with his moths. His mother wanted to see central places of Shamkir, we helped her in this task. Most of the times, So goes to competition venue on feett. He likes to walk in the open air.

-Shamkir is already called Linares of Azerbaijan.  As the organizer,you cannot be not pleased with these words.. 

- It is so gratifying to hear such words from  FIDE President Kirsan  Ilyumzhinov.. Head of Chess Federation called  the Shamkir tournament one of the best tournaments held currently. All types of conditions are created for players as well as for guests. Linares tournament has a great history. Vugar memorial tournament will be held the fourth time in a row. It is good to be compared with Linares. But our goal is to be in the best places on the chess calendar.